Tuesday 26th January
Debate n° 1 : 4pm – 6pm

E-commerce, video surveillance, social networks: how to remain in control of your private life?

The development of e-commerce, the installation of cameras in public places and the explosion of social networks amplify questions and concerns about the handling of personal information. How do private lives become merchandise? What happens to the information collected and given by individuals themselves? How do we protect ourselves? How does e-commerce take the place of traditional business?

With, Tamatoa Pommier (Departmental manager of OPT), Guillaume Proia (Managing director of Vittoria the Council Polynesia), Gilles Yau (President of the CCISM), Jacques Balk-Tyrard (president of the general Federation of the trade), Te Tia Macaw consumers’ association, Tamatoa Bambridge (In charge of research at CNRS) facebook

Wednesday 27th January
Debate n°2 : 4pm-6pm

Between Google and mobile telephones, ways and means: education strategies.

Teachers, political leaders, parents of pupils, pupils, high school pupils and students are role-players in the evolution of digital society. What integration strategy for digital technology is in place in Polynesia? What assets and consequences are already visible?

With like had a presentiment of speakers, Jean-Marius Raapoto (Minister for education and the culture), Serge Bergamelli (Case of the Deposits), Franck Mevel (University of French Polynesia), association parents of pupils, STIP/AE (Trade union of teachers), Jean Paul Barral Barral (President of the Board of trustees of the Office of the Stations and Telecommunications)

Wednesday 27th January
Debate n°3 : 2pm- 6pm

E-health healthcare services in the Polynesian islands

The impact of digital technology on the health of Polynesians is fundamental and one of the responses to the remoteness of the sick in the island groups. From remote diagnosis to digital surgical intervention, using the range of solutions to go through the medical file for the well-being of everyone is conclusive. How about in 2010?

With, Nicolas Bertholon (Minister for Health), Tuterai Tumahai (Director of health), order of the doctors, Louis Roland (Director of the Hospital of French Polynesia), Hiro Chang (Director of the CPS)

Friday 29th January
Debate n°4: 4pm – 6pm

Administration and the general public: new relationships.

The new terms available to citizens, the ease of access to public services offered to the island residents, digital civil registry and land tax, so many services which renew relations between administration and the general public. How do the Polynesians react when confronted with this ensemble of dematerialized means?

With, association of consumer Te Tia Ara, Eric Spitz (Secretary of the High commissionership), Ronan Gloaguen (responsible for communication of the SPCPF), Pierre Frébaut (Minister for the Civil service), Tania Berthou (Director of the DAF), Marc DEBENE (Law professor at the University of French Polynesia)…