26th – 30th January 2010 Papeete- Polynésie

Digital still strategic

The first digital encounters in January 2009 showed the strategic importance of digital for the development of French Polynesia.

Every political, economic, educational, cultural, tourist, administrative and union manager, every media, hospital and business director, every mayor and every person elected is involved in making the choices for the future of their sector or area, using the assets and the limits of the new immaterial world which is taking hold and accelerating in the heart of our society.

The relentless reports about the sharp rise of digital use by every Polynesian illustrates the evolution of a territory whose physical, cultural and social links have been dramatically changed, positively and negatively with personal use brought through the use of computers, mobile telephones and new media.

During the Overseas General States ‘Etats Généraux’, digital was covered as it was defended during the work on the big loan ‘le grand emprunt’. Thus any recognition of a country’s evolution addresses digital and its consequences.

With this in mind these 2nd encounters propose a set of forums,  professional meetings and debates based on the virtual and real connections of a community, both at the centre and periphery of a ‘digital haze’ expanding over the whole planet. It’s a question of understanding what is at stake over four days, expressing and proposing favourable advances for the future of our fellow-citizens.

Meeting consistency

Two forums will open and close the encounters to spotlight what is at stake and creativity.

– Polynesia adopts the digital world

– Digital creation and cultural content: the explosion!

Three professional meetings are concerned with professions which are protagonists of economic development

– Knowledge based economy and digital economy: opportunities and questions for Polynesian society.

– Television for everyone: the deadline is approaching

– Sound, images and writing on the digital screen: a revolution!

Four debates confront the changes in society.

– E-commerce, video surveillance, social networks: how to remain in control of your private life?

– Between Google and mobile telephones, ways and means: education strategies.

– E-health healthcare services in the Polynesian islands.

– Administration and the general public: new relations.

At the heart of the Festival the meetings take place on the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th January. The forums and the professional meetings are organised in the morning from 9am to 11am, the debates are in the afternoon from 4pm to 6pm and the last forum is on 30th January.

They are presided over by Michel Paoletti, Economic and Social Councillor of French Polynesia.

They are led by Yann Perez, RFO journalist and Marcel Desvergne, chairman of Aquitaine Europe Communication.

The Forums, professional meetings and debates are open to the festival goers, to professionals and more widely to the public.