Tuesday 26th January
Forum n° 1: 9.30am – 11.30am

Polynesia adopts the digital world

A document will be shown presenting the digital realities across the world. Polynesia’s commitment in this process will be formulated by the minister of the digital economy. What are the advantages, the weaknesses that need to be confronted and the by-products that must be prevented for Polynesia thus faced with the ‘realities’ that virtual worlds are jostling?

With, Adolphe Colrat (High commissioner of French Polynesia), Jacqui Drollet (Minister in charge of the digital economy), Jean Paul Barral (President of the Board of trustees of OPT), Marcel Desvergne (President d’ Aquitaine Europe Communication), Serge Bergamelli (Case of the Deposits), Jean-Marie Colombani (Founder of… Google Representative

The week’s meeting and debate issues will be formulated there in the presence of all those involved.

Saturday 30th January
Forum n°2: 9am – 12pm

Digital creations and cultural content: the explosion!

From co-operative expression to the new cultural content, the forms explode and the creations require updating using the abilities of digital arts and tools.  With an important pool of new jobs, how should audiovisual creation, production and broadcasts be organised?

With, Eric Bourgeois (director of the ICA), Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu (Director of the house of the culture), Viri Taimana (Director of the center for art professions), Emmanuel Kasarhérou (Director of the Djibaou center in Noumea), Manea Castet (creator of video games) and of many Polynesian artists (Painters, photographers, 3D, musicians…)

Live transmission of the debates by RFO Radio, broadcast by streaming over the internet, a paper publication and on the FIFO sites and… the 2nd FIFO Encounters 2010 will be archived…digitally.