Script writing course

Open to all (registration necessary at the FIFO office: 70 70 16 – limited availability)
(Course: Tuesday and Wednesday 9am/12pm –Individual discussion on Saturday)

This year, the script writing course is focussed on short films, through a two-sided approach. This training both theoretical and practical will be carried out by Franck Philippon, a scriptwriter from Paris.

  • to begin with (Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th January), two mornings will be dedicated to the fundamental notions necessary for writing a story, a theoretical approach implemented in the domain of short films. In this framework, and in order to illustrate, several short films will be viewed and discussed.
  • secondly, the participants will have the opportunity to embark upon the writing of a short film of their choice (any subject). After a short written presentation of their subject during the second morning (Wednesday), they will benefit from the two following days to write (re-write if applicable) their project, whilst benefitting from the course leader’s help.

Following these two days of writing (Friday evening), the participants will give in their short film script. On Saturday 30th January, an individual meeting with the course leader will allow each participant to benefit from advice about their project, in order to be able to add the finishing touches, once FIFO is over. And to maybe return the following year for the ‘fiction’ competition.