Shooting Workshop

General Public Workshop


Assisted by a professional trainer, this filming induction course will give the participants, within two and a half hours, the tools necessary to shoot their family films- avoiding the pitfalls linked to filming- and will help them to become familiar with the use of a HD Tri CCD camcorder.

The professional’s presentation will provide the participants with the fundamentals of filming, so that they avoid the most common mistakes. Hands-on exercises, with a camera in hand, will allow them to put these instructions into practice.

The content of the course will be as follows:

Camera Overview,

Shot values,

Formats, standards,

Use of “rushes”,

Archives and use of images.

The most common and easily corrected mistakes will be listed: backlighting, sound, focus, aperture, etc…

At the end of this induction, the trainees will be invited to put what they have learnt into practice.

For those who wish, you will be able to bring your own equipment to the workshop and learn how to master the listed techniques.

Semi-Professionals Workshop

Given last year’s high demand, FIFO is also setting up a 3-hour workshop dedicated to skilled video-makers, on Saturday 30st January, at 09:00. This workshop will introduce reportage and TV interview techniques.

The course will include the following topics: lighting techniques – framing of subject – sound pick-up techniques – sitting interview – stand-up interview – neutral background interview.

This workshop mainly addresses people with an audiovisual project. During this workshop, semi-professional cameras will be made available to the participants.