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USA (Hawaii) – 2008 – 21mn
Writer and Director: Brett Wagner
Producers: Dana Hankins and Brett Wagner

Semu Fatutoa drives a taxi in Honolulu, Hawaii. Once he was a village Chief in Samoa, but
tragedy compelled him to cover his tattoos and flee his home. Now he drives in circles,
slowly forgetting his old life. But his old life is looking for him. And a young Hawaiian girl, separated from her family on the eve of a disastrous day, desperately needs his help.



Australie – 2008 – 5 mn
Scénario et Réalisation : Virginie Tetoofa
Production : Victorian College of the Arts – University of Melbourne

Josh finds himself trapped in a hopscotch game in a sordid alley of Melbourne, late at night. Will he be able to move forward and finally get over the death of his wife?



Polynésie française – 2007 – 3mn30
Création : Marie-Eve Tefaatau
Production : Comedy Studio Production & Archipel Production & RFO Polynésie
Réalisation : Denis Pinson & Laurent Jacquemin

This series of 118 episodes introduces several teenagers who were born and are living in French Polynesia.
Teva, the stud, spends his time making Lilou jealous, whilst his sidekick, Manoa, the blond, has more sporty concerns: surfing. Connor spends all his time thinking about new technology. Chad lives, sleeps and eats with his skateboard. Kelly, the kind good friend, discovers the good and bad sides to the love stories. Poe is aiming for the Miss Tahiti 2010 throne. Lilou leads everyone to believe that she is a snob but she is only thinking about Teva and finally Kayssie, the group leader. In spite of everything, they share one passion: a mad sense of humour! Today we are on Papara Beach…


Taua – War Party

New Zealand – 2007 – 15 mn
Director : Tearepa Kahi
Producer : Quinton Hita – Kura Productions

A war party has abducted an enemy leader and bound him to the bow of their war canoe. The canoe is being towed through the forest, driven by a merciless chief in a bid to escape pursuers and return home safely with their trophy. Two young boys sit at the stern. They serve as bailers of the water to the men. On the desperate and gruelling journey, every man is in need of water, even the unknown prisoner…



Polynésie française – 2006 – 4 mn
Scénario et Réalisation : Jacques Navarro-Novira, Chantal Fouques, Heirani Hapaitahaa, Solenne Nechachby, Reiava Rota, Johan Yuan
Production : Beau Geste

A young Polynesian woman goes to a man’s house. The sensuality of their body language leaves no doubt about the nature of their relationship. But…beware of appearances…


O Tamaiti

New Zealand – 1996 – 15mn
Writer – Director : Sima Urale
Production : Carol J. Paewai

A young boy plays guardian and protector to his siblings, but even all his efforts cannot prevent the death of the new baby. O Tamaiti portrays the impressions of a young boy in a powerless adult dominated world.



Australie – 2008 – 12 mn
Production : Victorian College of the Arts Film and Television School
Réalisation : Michael Latham

With the speed and grace of a middle aged man, Gary navigates his golf buggy around a giant warehouse. Amongst the towering shelves whizzing by, Gary notices a lone box, defiantly misplaced.

2ème Partie à partir de 21h15


France – 2009 – 90 mn
D’après un roman de SYLVIA TOWNSEND WARNER (ed. Gallimard)
REALISATEUR: Philippe Venault
PRODUCTION: Mascaret films (France)
PRODUCTION EXECUTIVE: Tahiti Nui Companies (Polynésie française)

ACTEURS PRINCIPAUX : Grégori Dérangère (Vincent Fortune), Heiva Ah-Min (Matahi, Théodore), Kaleinui Wong (Orama), Michel Bompoil (L’Abbé), Pierre Cognon (Le capitaine), Tihoti Faara (Hiro) , Teura Tehau (La chamane).

The young missionary priest Vincent Fortune has faith. The type of faith that is pure and whole, both childish and thoughtful, which can move mountains. So to convert a group of Pacific ‘natives’ on an island lost in the Southern Seas, seems almost too easy to him…Over there, all that it requires is to take hold of the souls in the way that wild flowers are picked. He really has no doubts to what he has solemnly promised to his hierarchy: that in one year he will have converted at least twenty! That’s the minimum! If not, he will leave the church!

He only converts one young man. He becomes too dangerously fascinated by this innocent and happy population which lives in harmony with nature and rejects Western values…then he finally discovers that his unique convert isn’t one at all as he has secretly kept the religion of his idols! The disaster will be complete when he loses faith in his own God…to the point where he himself carves a wooden idol to offer to his young protégé, who lost his whilst saving his life during the night of a huge earthquake. Since this, ‘his child’ Matahi has been dying from heartache. Yes, he will carve this idol himself! To save him! Vincent returns to Europe defeated and alone, having lost faith in his God, in his world and in his values…until the dawn of the first world conflict.