1,2,3, Pitch!

The very first international pitching session took place this afternoon in the confines of the Maison de la Culture. Based on Eliane Koller’s original idea, a member of the ATPA (Tahitian Association of Audiovisual Professionals – which organises the event) – this meeting offers the opportunity to those with film projects to present their ideas to an audience of twenty professionals, the majority of whom are from Oceania. “We were looking for something different to offer at FIFO this year,” explained Karl Reguron, Chairman of ATPA, “to bring novelty, freshness. The professionals were enthusiastic about this idea.”

Eight participants (for ten projects), from New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Polynesia, Australia, Hawaii and France, followed each other into the marquee. A prior draw determined the order of the participants. They each had five minutes to convince (a stopwatch at hand), “Not a second more, not a second less,” outlined Canadian producer Lucie Tremblay, the session organizer, who also undertook the briefing of the novices, one-to-one for several hours during the previous days. “A small shot of rum to break the ice,” as is customary, and the gong rang. “You are not there to judge the quality of the pitch,” she reminded the audience, “but to listen to the documentary project that they want to bring to the screen.”

This is not an easy exercise taking into account the complexity of certain stories. But the trial session is promising. The professionals have already expressed their desire to see more ‘pitchers’ next year. As for the judges’ panel, the reactions were just as positive. Some, who had come specially for the occasion, highlighted, “The opportunity, which doesn’t exist anywhere else, to come and meet professionals from all over Oceania.” Karl is delighted that this test phase was a success and hopes to receive more Polynesian projects next year.

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