Making films!

For three years, the FIFO video workshop has allowed budding directors to take their first steps with the latest generation Mac and the most recent version of iMovie software, provided by Ivea.

This morning we met with the participants to find out their impressions.

Jeff, 57 years old

I took part in the workshop last year but there were a few small things that I didn’t understand so I wanted to come back to consolidate my knowledge. I think that I can now progress a lot further with what I want to do at home:  I make many family films and I was lacking in practical experience to get going. In my opinion, if you want to see everything, you need to spend more than a whole day here, but already that provides a good basis for being more independent.

Maïté, 34 years old

It was the first time that I did this and I found it really good and very interesting. I am a computer graphic designer so I am familiar with computers but I didn’t know about the video software. Now I am going to be able to use all that Noha taught us this morning to make decent holiday films. I have learnt many things. It is fully accessible to everyone, you are well guided and the atmosphere is very friendly.

Jean-Louis, 60 years old

Previously I used a PC and I acquired a Mac a short while back. I wanted to come to learn a little about this new software. I have already done editing on a PC but it seems simpler here, much more intuitive, especially with the handling of the file formatting. Now I know some of the software functions. Noha is very clear with his explanations, very pedagogical. Now all I need is to practice!

Georges, 61 years old

I try to come at least once a year to this FIFO workshop as I forget quite a few things between editions, and at home it is not so simple once back in front of your screen. For the moment, I haven’t done much. This was the third time that I took part. I feel motivated again. I am always impressed by the clarity of Noha’s comments. Everything seems simple leaving here. Each time, I start with a solid foundation and it encourages me to progress.

The next workshop will take place at 5.30pm at the Cyber Area, Maison de la Culture. Tomorrow at 9am and 2pm.

Manon Hericher