Tell me a story

There was a studious atmosphere this morning for the twenty (+) participants at the script writing workshop led by Franck Philippon. This session which focussed in particular on ‘short films,’ began by watching a short film and a dissection of its script writing codes followed. Fiction’s ammunition, its abilities to serve documentary by choosing, for example, to focus on the destiny of one character to move the public as much as possible – “it is a thousand times better to run through an idea by basing a story on one individual destiny,” explained the professional – and the author’s responsibility is: to have a point of view on what is being narrated.

This second workshop was aiming in particular to offer an ‘even more practical’ service by offering to those who wanted it, to develop, to put the finishing touches, to improve their short film project, by submitting it to the scriptwriter in the second part of the course. The idea is to see first of all how the effort of telling their story in the simplest way possible provides clarity in the mind and to then be able to see its shortcomings. “The simplification of one’s own imagination exercise is extremely beneficial,” emphasises Franck. “The subject’s pertinence is rapidly seen in a five line presentation; (…) One is forced to refocus on the main body of the material, rather than the peripheral content.”

The exercise is not obvious. The script writer had to start off by telling a story which came to him ‘the day before yesterday about the RDO,’ to motivate the others to follow suit. To teach the bases of writing and at the same to allow time to break down possible mental blocks, is the double objective of this exchange. ‘First of all it’s about trying to help them technically,’ states Franck, ‘and also to do it with enough enthusiasm so that they want to continue and to complete it, because it is never easy to write.’

The script-writer suggested that the participants gather their written work to read it and to see them again individually on Saturday to go through his commentaries and to help them to complete a text.

The next workshop will take place tomorrow morning, at 9am, at theTo’ata lodges.  Take note, enthusiasts!

Manon Hericher