Prize-Giving Ceremony FIFO 2011

The Festival’s award-giving ceremony took place in a warm atmosphere, with the Jury and personalities from the country present. The members of the jury praised the quality and the commitment of the documentaries proposed, which have allowed festival goers to appreciate a summary of the variety and richness of Oceania cultures. The general consensus was that this festival was about sharing, as the Chairman of the Jury, Luc Jacquet incidentally pointed out in his address. ‘I have the impression to have understood things, to have discovered Oceania.’

The winners thanked FIFO and the Polynesians for their warm welcome, hoping that the Oceanians keep their authenticity. Bentley Dean, the FIFO 2011 Grand Prix winner pointed out that it is the first time that he has taken part in a festival where the public is so demonstrative and inquisitive. They all wanted to return to FIFO soon, estimating that the festival has all the necessary potential to become one of the region’s main events. The ceremony ended in Polynesian style with music, before the projection of the award-winning films.

Luc Jacquet, Chairman of the Jury:

‘What are your impressions of the festival?’

I am delighted to have participated in FIFO. As I said, I really have the feeling that I have learnt a great deal about Oceania in a short amount of time. I also appreciated this work with the other members of the jury, who came from very different horizons, with very marked cultures. It was really enriching to debate with them. I have never been to the region before, and that has obviously made me want to return to find out more about it…

-Did you find similarities between Oceania and the regions that you have visited?

I particularly found similarities between Polynesians and my background. I come from the mountains, from quite a tough milieu where people have a strong and respectful relationship with nature, and I felt the same vibe here. The Polynesians are real people, and in particular direct. The world of thought, familiar address creates an immediate closeness, and I felt not only welcomed, but almost at home.

-Do you plan to return?

Who would not want to? I am going to take advantage of the remaining time to visit the Tuamotu, and isolate myself with Guillaume Laurant with whom I am working on a project. I think that the calm of the lagoon and the beauty of the landscapes should inspire us.