The travelling FIFO…

All year long, International Oceanian Documentary Film festival of Tahiti (FIFO),  offers screenings “outside the walls” to give to as many people as possible, from remote Rurutu to Melbourne via Paris, the pleasure to discover the best of the documentary production of our region.

For 4 years now, from Nuku Hiva to Rurutu, Hao to Huahine, FIFO documentaries never stopped travelling through archipelagos to meet “islanders”. Taiohae High School (Nuku Hiva) initiated this movement via Secondary Education Direction. Then other municipalities wished to offer the same to their inhabitants. The Festival team, especially Michèle de Chaseaux, energetically  assuring that FIFO is present in all the islands, is committed to present films selected for the competition and answer questions of the audience. Therefore, young people may experience with documentaries the fact that they belong to one single Oceanian family – which they are not always aware of. They can see that some problems are the same elsewhere, that they are not alone. Documentaries help them discover specific traditions of each island and understand the geography of Oceania, because they often know more about America or Europe.

Therefore to the delight of the audience, pupils and general public, FIFO is back on the roads this year:

Marquesas Islands

Nuku Hiva – Taiohae: 18, 19, 20 September

Ua Pou – Hakahau: 21 September

Hiva Oa – Atuona: 22, 23 September

Tuamotu archipelago

Rangiroa – Avatoru: 13, 14 September

Hao : 25, 26 October

Austral Islands

Rurutu – Moerai: 10, 11 October

Leeward Islands

Huahine – Fare : 3 October

Raiatea – Uturoa : 14, 15 October

Bora Bora – Vaitape : 17, 18 October

FIFO will be at the Paris National Natural History Museum from 3 October to 19 November and at the 1st Polynesian Festival in Merbourne (Australia) from 3 to 8 November.

13 December 2011, at the Senate in Paris, 9th edition press conference