Decision-Maker’s Speech: Rémy Grouzelle

Rémy Grouzelle, commercial director of the EDT group, speaks at the ‘Decision-Maker’s Speech’ and evokes his company’s place in digital, and its growing importance to keep up with clients.

With the imminent arrival of Honotua, EDT enhanced its website and developed its online services. The principal is to offer clients free access without subscription, open 24/7 for services which are in demand.

The first was bill publishing as it allows many administrative processes.  The possibility of online payment by a range of methods swiftly followed.

The company then worked on the control and understanding of client consumption. A detailed report allows clients to take immediate action with appliances and manage their consumption.

EDT quickly noticed that the clients affected, those using the Internet, corresponded with quite a restricted socio-professional category. Also, the company sought to reach everyone via mobile telephones through the use of SMS. The first information dealt with responds to the question: how much must I pay and when? This is followed by one about the meter reading date. These services are available on demand. A real infatuation has been noted.

A pre-payment system by card has been set up for the islands.

Several digital supports are used and the content is adapted to the use of the client category. Thus Facebook, visited in particular by young people, is a support for our internship offers.

‘With a wider approach, we are evolving towards the concept of smart-home and further still smart-city. It involves managing the energy flows in and out, which vary enormously depending on the time of day or week of the year. The energy comes from independent producers (solar panels), more important providers (hydro electricity) and from the company’s own thermal production power station. We are leaning towards a more perceptive ability to measure the flow in all directions and also consumption by each appliance to provide increasingly precise regulation.

This enables a continual service to be guaranteed, making frequent power cuts a thing of the past, whilst at the same time monitoring overall, as well as individual, energy expenditure.’