Marcel Desvergnes

It is the last day of the 4th Digital Encounters and time to briefly summarize the numerous discussions which have animated the week with Marcel Desvergnes, chairman of Aquitaine Europe Communication, the agency for digital initiatives, who has also the ‘Man’ responsible for FIFO’s digital adventure since the beginning.

How do you feel about the 4th Digital Encounters?

I have just come out of the debate about the press* and I have to say that the quality of the exchanges between professionals from Polynesia, but also with a speaker from Paris via Skype, has made this gathering one of the most intense of the week. For several reasons: on the one hand, all the participants were totally and directly concerned with the problems and on the other, the live exchange with Paris was of impeccable quality, demonstrating the technical relevance of digital in Polynesia. That would have been unimaginable not so long ago.

Improvement of the rate is now visible, are questions linked to digital being dealt with as efficiently?

Absolutely, Polynesia is projecting itself more clearly. I was struck yesterday during the ‘The Likely OPT Scenarios?’ discussion by the perspective and way in which the OPT presented itself through a short fiction film (‘One Day in 2025’). Through it, they accepted to clarify their choice of direction. On a different note, I noticed that the decision makers were concerned about social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and the reactions that they lead to. They fear an invasion of digital in all sectors. I want to reply simply that the world is moving, it is less isolated, and it gives and receives. There is nothing dangerous in that.

Is the outcome positive overall?

Yes with regard to the quality of the exchanges and technical ability. On the other hand, along with the other participants, I was hoping for categorical answers from the authorities. We only saw the beginnings of these. It’s a shame as justifiably, these Encounters should be taken advantage of to formulate areas of development.


* ‘Is the traditional press threatened by digital technology?