Questions for the future: Rémi Pflimlin’s responses

The fact that information and creation are essential and complementary missions for France Télévisions is drummed in by Rémy Pflimlin, Chief Executive Officer of France Télévisions, throughout his speech.

The development of digital and more recently mobile has disrupted practices and professions. From a very physical universe, where we handled lead and kilometres of fragile film, we are entering a virtually immaterial world. The ease of the transport of information and data exponentially increases the rate of exchanges, sources and targets. Content and distribution channels are limitless. Added to which it all takes place at an unbelievable speed.

Thus, professions in the sector have been disrupted. From a targeted relationship between the provider and the citizen, we have moved to a multipolar world.


In this new context which continues to evolve, it is even more essential to maintain a public, independent and professional operator, responsible for guaranteeing reference values, key elements for democracy, and to be protected from the risks of manipulation and destroying our cultural identities. From an information point of view, the public service helps citizens to understand the world in which they live. By the focus put on the specificity of the channels and the wealth of their productions, it creates a link between fellow citizens, our own imaginary community.

« To guide us in this direction it seemed fundamental to me to be in agreement over a France TV charter », pointed out its CEO. « This document of about a hundred pages has now been validated and shared. You can find it on our website. We refer to it permanently. »


A community without any possibility for creation and broadcast of creation weakens then disappears. The challenge is considerable. The technical means are only relatively important. Attention must be maintained regarding the production of specific and good quality content. That is why France Télévisions attaches so much importance to FIFO.


Claude Esclatine, director of Outre-mer 1ère and France Ô, completes the presentation recalling that his credo, in the logical declension of the general vision of the group, is to get the overseas countries out from their ghettos. For our region, he wants to disprove Le Clezio about the « invisible continent » that Oceania will be. He is proud of the growing quality and success of the competition as well as non- competition productions presented at FIFO. The broadcast of the films and documentaries is scheduled of course by local stations in French Polynesia and New Caledonia, but also on France Ô and other France TV channels. The French overseas departments must speak and show themselves to the whole of France and the world.