The Conference takes stock of the Pacific Games – NC 2011

Rémy PFLIMLIN opens this 6th conference. He confirms that live coverage of events must be mobilized as a ‘matter of urgency,’ the union of a shared production should attract spectators towards our channels.

Presentation of the outcome of the NC 2011 games by Pascale BASTIEN-THIRY:

An international event, 22 oceanic countries gathered at the heart of the Pacific Games Council. Huge press coverage (130 accredited journalists).

Colossal organisation prior to 2007 was necessary for TV coverage. It was finalised in December 2010 with an ‘historical’ signing with France Télévision and NC 2011, then the signing of 6 agreements with Oceanic TV and 1 with ABC Australia.

Several figures:

27 sports covered: 18 with multicameras and 9 with reportage cameras; 34 competition sites, 24 of which connected with fibre optics; 1,000 hours of images produced.

Pascale BASTIEN-THIRY adds that these Games will remain the best covered Pacific Games to this day but also the best broadcast with an average of 130 to 200 hours broadcast by per channel during the Games.

Reactions from the different Round Table participants:

Overall all the participants were by and large satisfied with the coverage of this event whatever their technical means and resources.

However, Yves HAUPERT, Managing Director of TNTV, regretted not being associated with this media coverage and would very much like to participate in the future. Wallès KOTRA personally would hope that there is no exclusion, whether TNTV or other rival television channels.

Future perspectives and Proposals:

Arts Festival in the Solomon Islands (July 2012), Mini Games in Wallis (2013) and the Pacific Games (2015) in Papua New Guinea: future negotiations should be considered now knowing that the Games Council is copyright owner and hopes for the presence of France Télévision.

The setting up of a working group for the next games to be coordinated by Ken CLARK.

Pacific Bank of Images:

Gonzague de la BOURDONNAYE and Pierre RIANT have drawn up a charter of commitment project for an image exchange server. He hopes that each conference participant can amender or add elements which are important to them before the final presentation during Friday’s round table.

After the participants’ conclusion and agreement this charter will be signed by everyone.