Oceanian Short Film Night: provides your fill again!

Oceanian short films travel well. This third Oceanian Short Film Night offered a selection of 12 films extending across all genres (animation, fiction) which bore loud and clear the Oceanian colours from across their world. They illustrate, reflect and parody this huge continent and our period in time with an informed perspective in a tongue-in-cheek way. The programme alternated between light-heartedness and drama, humour and questions.

‘The Nullarbor’ a souped-up Australian animated film, was a favourite topic at this evening event with no dialogue, but more than talkative attitudes…Nelly, a festival-goer, even admits to have had the impression of hearing the characters talk, ‘due to the expressions, the silences and the gestures ringing true.’ Stunning graphics at the service of a very subtle content!

In a completely different vein, ‘Night Shift,’ a New Zealand short film, was also very effective with its realism and the ambiguity of the sentiments that it radiates dramatically well in this contemporary life story.

Environment, identity, feminism and society: this art of the ‘short’ benefits from only a few minutes to correctly immerse us into the subject with depth. The ‘nicely done in no time at all’ digest of emotions revealed by this selection of short films is equally an overview of contemporary Oceanic audiovisual creation. Heiura, a regular festival-goer really appreciated this 3rd FIFO short film night that she found particularly qualitative, going as far as to refer to the idea that this format should in future be ‘a festival in its own right.’