‘We are in a context of development, but we need to go faster’

Michel Paoletti, chairman of Digital Encounters provides us with an overview of this 5th gathering.

Away from Home

‘The first fringe Digital Encounters operation was very enriching, as it permitted to make representatives from the Assembly of Polynesia aware and to show that they were serious about the question of digital. What is said at the Digital Encounters is shared and that is very much the objective, to show to what point digital is a cultural and economic challenge. We then had a debate at the CCISM and again, it enabled us to establish a dialogue which did not exist until then between different stakeholders and to steer concrete responses. Lastly, there was a video-conference session at the University with Joël de Rosnay: participants were captivated by this man’s visionary talent, who, in addition to being one step ahead, shows real sensitivity towards small units, towards the way to help them be heard.’

OPT Pacific Encounters

‘The OPT has been our main partner since the beginning. We have had interesting debates with television representatives surrounding content and operators, mediums and broadcasting. The OPT has also had the opportunity to present the project for the consolidation of its subsidiaries which is in progress (Mana, Tikiphone and TNS). A restructuration the goal of which is to be more dynamic confronted with looming competition.’

Stirring consciences

‘In general terms, these 5th Digital Encounters always pose the question of knowledge: what will happen to us as digital citizens? Do we position ourselves as an asset or as an object? What is certain is that we have to be armed and to present a united front (forums, crowdsourcing). In French Polynesia, by definition we are in one of the places in the world where the Internet is one of the most appropriate to link people, between them but also with others. In years to come, orientations remain to be determined for public action as well as that of authorities in terms of education, health, economy…We are in a context of development, but we need to go faster. The challenge is enormous. Society has made progress; the process still needs to be escalated. To have an industry worthy of this name, the installation of a second safe cable is fundamental for example.’

See you next year!