The 10th FIFO meets expectations

FIFO 2013 has come to an end and now it is time to assess the events that took place at the Maison de la Culture from the 11th to 17th February. Festival attendance is indicative that the event is continuing to grow, and confirms its importance in the Polynesian cultural landscape as well as in the audiovisual industry. Over 130 festival goers were thus welcomed this year, and attendance at this 10th FIFO rose to 26,200 admissions.

The international FIFO jury, chaired by Mr. Greg Germain, honoured the following films: Aux enfants de la bombe (FIFO-France Télévisions Grand Prix), Canning Paradise, Allan Baldwin and The Road to the Globe (all three gained Special Jury Prizes). The public voted en masse for Scarlet Road.

The FIFO fringe events, which amounted to three evenings devoted to fiction were also very popular: the Cabourg evening at the Intercontinental Tahiti Resort Spa Hotel in the presence of the actress Fleur Lise Hueut from the film ‘Ma Bonne Etoile,’ the 3rd Oceanian Short Film Night at the Grand Theatre, where 12 short films were presented and for the first year, the public vote rewarded ‘Ebony Society,’ a film from New Zealand directed by Tammy Davis. Lastly a preview of the film, ‘Kanak, une histoire oubliée’ presented by Mr. Christian Karembeu himself, was one of the highlights of the closing ceremony.

Throughout these 6 days, initiation workshops were freely available to the public including script-writing and audiovisual editing, as well as new ones for example the Go-Pro shooting workshop, the creation of an interactive Ibook workshop and lastly a Stop-Motion workshop which were highly sought after.

The Oceania Pitch was particularly intense, led this year by Laurent Mini, the producer and co-founder of La compagnie des Taxis Brousse with prestigious speakers who supervised the directors and producers.

Out of the 18 projects submitted to the ATPA, the event organiser, 7 were retained. The project bearers benefitted from high quality training. The exercise was embraced by ‘pitchers,’ purchasers and the public, and ended with the award for the best pitch being awarded to Adilah Dorliano, for her project The Test.

The 7th Oceania Television Conference assembled many partners, who were able to come to agreement on various common issues and note important projects for the future of audiovisual in Oceania. In addition, the ‘media training,’ training offered during previous conferences was implemented at this year’s FIFO, thus enabling 20 young Oceanians, including 1 Polynesian, to discuss their experiences.

The 5th FIFO Digital Encounters chaired by Michel Paoletti enabled questions to be tackled about the use of digital, within FIFO, but also at the Assembly of French Polynesia, at the CCISM, and at the University of French Polynesia. The LAN section, undertaken by the TNA association which presented the event on Friday 8th February, drew almost a hundred interested and enthusiastic individuals.

This year, and for the first time, 7 representatives from other festivals were present to prepare their selections, and start circulating FIFO films in the region, but also in Paris and Rochefort. Furthermore, this year the presence of major national media will notably raise FIFO’s visibility on the Télérama, Courrier International and Satellifax websites.

Lastly, thanks to Mr. Greg Germain on behalf of the ‘Avignon Off Festival’ and Mr Yves Jeanneau’s presence on the jury for ‘Sunny Side of the Doc’, FIFO’s representation within these two large events is already promised for summer 2013, in Avignon and at La Rochelle. In addition a ‘Special 10th FIFO’ has been announced on the 1st and 2nd June in Paris, at Museum of Natural History.

The FIFO Association would also like to thank the state and the country for their support, as well as the France Télévisions group, Polynésie 1ère as well as the long-term collaborators, the OPT group, Air France, the Sep, EDT and GIE Tahiti Tourisme, without forgetting all the sponsors who enabled the development of this Oceanian Festival through their logistical, financial and human assistance. Lastly, our praise for the Maison de La Culture staff who contributed to the smooth running of this 10th festival, as well as to the number of volunteers who joined the Festival this year.

Make a date with FIFO next year from the 4th to 9th February 2014 in the gardens of the Maison de la Culture!