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It is always a pleasure for FIFO to organise fringe events in the archipelagos, where the films are long-awaited. This initiative began in 2008 and each year has attracted between 5,000 and 6,000 people across the islands.

A slight change this year, island screenings will take place in May and no longer in September, as was previously the case, to meet the requirements of educational institutions. This change of date will also enable island populations to discover the selection of films from the 10th FIFO more rapidly.

Exceptionally this year, due to this change in date, FIFO will only travel to Rangiroa and the Marquesas Islands, but screenings have been programmed this year in Taravao, and on the initiative of managerial staff at Nuutania Prison, a screening will also be offered to prisoners.

Regarding screenings on the islands, the choice of films shown in the day in educational establishments is left to the teachers’ discretion; public screenings are suggested by the FIFO organisers to the towns and population. These screenings are free, all the dates and information are available on the FIFO website, and from the councils involved.

These fringe events are made possible thanks to the educational establishments, the towns, but also the associations and volunteers who form the link between FIFO and the islands. A partnership has been implemented for these operations with the EDT group, GDF SUEZ, which has provided the funds for travel since the start and provides FIFO with its island network for the organisation of the screenings. A valuable partnership as the cost of this type of travel is increasingly difficult for the organisation to fund.

Moving across to the mainland and regionally

Thanks to several festival representatives from mainland France or regions attending the last FIFO, the films selected in 2013 will be presented in May and in June at festivals which are partners of FIFO, or during ‘Fringe Events’ held in partnership with FIFO.

From 31st May to 2nd June, at Maré in Caledonia, there will be screenings of: ‘Aux enfants de la Bombe’ FIFO France Télévisions 2013 Grand Prize, ‘Canning Paradise’ FIFO 2013 Special Prize, ‘Imulal,’ ‘La valse des continents,’ ‘Trésor sous marins des îles marquises’ as well as  ‘Les forçats du pacifique.’ For its third season, this Caledonian festival, reserved mainly for school audiences, features French and historical films to their best advantage.

On June 1st and 2nd, the Natural History Museum in Paris will hold a week-end of special screenings to mark FIFO’s 10th anniversary, with the following films: ‘Stori Tumbuna,’ ‘Chân Dang’ and ‘Les cannibales du Pacifique’ on Saturday, and ‘Canning Paradise’ and ‘Aux enfants de la Bombe’ on Sunday, with in addition a round table ‘The history and challenges of Oceania’ planned for Sunday afternoon.

Lastly, in its ‘window onto the Pacific’ slot the Cabourg Romantic Film Festival will provide a screening of the film ‘Aux enfants de la bombe’ FIFO-France Télévisions 2013 Grand Prize.

Note also that films officially selected at FIFO 2013 will be presented in New Zealand during the Wairoa Film Festival, from 30th May to 2nd June, as well as in Rochefort, from 8th to 12th May, and lastly during the ‘Etonnants Voyageurs’ Festival from the 18th to 20th May.

All of these screenings enhance FIFO’s reputation, and through it Oceania and its quirks. With another successful year under its belt, next year FIFO will organise a ‘Pacific Film Festival round table’ enabling all of these festival organisers to gather in order to optimise the partnerships and enable regional films to have more of a global reach.

Additional notice: registration for 2014

Registration for the 11th FIFO selection is now open, and we wish to reiterate to local productions that the closing date for submitting films and applications is 1st October. We therefore call upon professionals and emerging talent to deposit projects at the FIFO office or by the website without delay.

Furthermore, this year the prize for Pacific fiction will once again be offered, spurred by the success of the 10th FIFO Short Film Night.

Lastly, in order to stimulate creation, notably amongst young people, there will be a new category: short documentary. Amateurs, schoolchildren, as well as professionals, can submit documentaries less than 6mins long, on Pacific subjects.

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