ITW with Piata Gardinier

Piata Gardinier: our recommendation!

art 8 sb Piata Gardinier 020(1)Piata Gardinier is one of the youngest directors at FIFO: at 25 years old she is here to present two non-competition documentaries: ‘Rupene Mare’ and ‘Te Hono Ki.’ Each story has an original theme. The first addresses links between the culture and language of the Rapa Nui and the Maoris. The second tells the story of a bipolar man, and his struggle in a country where mental illness remains a taboo. Take a closer look at our recommendation…

FIFO: ‘Tell us about your career. What led you to this documentary?’

Piata Gardinier: ‘I carried out my first interview at the age of 10. I interviewed my grandmother. This encouraged me to explore my heritage. I wanted to know more about my ancestors, to capture the essence of my origins.  I studied documentary film and I evolved over time. I am currently working at NZ TV as a director. But there, those are my first documentaries with a larger budget.’

FIFO: ‘Why are these two subjects so different from each other?’

Piata Gardinier: ‘I wanted to tell stories that are unique, that have never been told before. Especially for ‘Rupene Mare’ that addresses mental illness; a subject no one talks about, a real taboo in Maori society, which is however worth being aired. With the second, looking for my roots inspired me. At the start we went to Easter Island for a report with 2 Faka, 2 dugouts from New Zealand. And once there we were intrigued by the similarities, the links that connect us and that until now had not been explored.’

FIFO: ‘What should the audience of these 2 documentaries take away with them?’

Piata Gardinier: ‘Te Hono Ki’ evokes the migration of Pacific people. The Oceanians have many points in common, from a political point of view, language and traditions. It was very interesting to compare their specific features. The second story is more personal, but it is universal too. I addressed it from a Maori perspective, but above all it was a question of knowing how someone managed their illness.’

FIFO: ‘Is participating in FIFO important to you?’

Piata Gardinier: ‘It means a great deal to me, firstly from a personal point of view and then I feel that I have brought something from my country to Tahiti. To be able to show my origins here means a lot.’