La mémoire du 8° arrondissement

DSC_1539La mémoire du 8°arrondissement (The memory of the 8th District)

57 minutes, New Caledonia, 2014

French Version

Directed by Elie Ng Peu

Produced by Elie Ng Peu

“ The memory of the 8th District ” is a film that retraces the past of the first Tahitians who came to work in the SLN mines and at the Yaté Dam at the end of the 50s in New Caledonia.

It is also a film about the Ma’ohi Church in this territory when the Tahitian community of Nouméa becomes the Protestant parish of the 8th arrondissement. The documentary retraces the history of its relations with Tahiti, with the centre of the evangelical church and with the annual synod of Moorea as well as its relationships with the Evangelical Church of Kanaki and New Caledonia.