Le voyage cinématographique de Gaston Méliès

LE VOYAGE CINEMATOGRAPHIQUE DE GASTON MELIES A TAHITI (© Nocturnes Productions & France Télévisions, 2014)[5] - copieLe voyage cinématographique de Gaston Méliès (Gaston Méliès’s cinematic journey)

51 minutes, France, 2014

French Version

Directed by Raphaël Millet

Produced by Nocturnes Prodcutions & Polynésie 1ère

Gaston Méliès, brother of the famous Georges, undertook a long cinematic journey across the Pacific, commencing with Tahiti. He stayed there for two months in 1912. He filmed fiction in this natural environment involving local populations where possible, two new stances. It is part of the memory of a new art.