Rapanui, l’histoire secrète de l’île de Pâques

(c)DDT_Rapanui_Alphonso-RapuRapanui, l’histoire secrète de l’île de Pâques (Rapanui, the secret story of Easter Island)

52 minutes, France, 2014

French Version with English subtitles

Directed by Emmanuel Mauro & Stéphane Delorme

Produced by Drôle de Trame & Outre-mer 1ère

Easter Island was colonised by Chile in 1888. Chile rented the land on the island to a company for extensive sheep rearing and entrusted monitoring the Rapanui to the military who imprison the inhabitants in a village, turned detention camp. Prisoners on their own island, the Rapanui resist oppression, going as far as to escape on boats to Tahiti.