Carte blanche to Doc Edge 31/01 Planning at the “Grand Théâtre” of the “Maison de la Culture”

13h00 – Erebus opération Overdue
 Réalisation : Peter Burger et Charlotte Purdy

In 1979, a jet carrying 257 passengers disappeared over the Antarctic. Eleven policemen were sent to Mount Erebus to retrieve the victims of the accident and fathom the reasons for the crash.

14h30 – Red white black and blue
Réalisation : James Brown

An American and New Zealand team enter the world of rugby. The director tries to dissipate certain negative stereotypes and the stigma associated with young Afro-Americans.

16h00 – Finding Mercy
Réalisation : Robyn Paterson

This very personal film, explains the reality of Zimbabwe through the eyes of the director who grew up in this country. It is a heartbreaking story following the search for Mercy, her childhood friend.

17h00 – Hip-H-Operation
Réalisation : Bryn Evans

This documentary explores the life and motivations of a group of elderly New Zealanders, who wish to compete in the World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas.