Doc Zone: a screening and discussion room reserved for professionals

Doc ZoneThe Doc Zone stand offers audiovisual professionals a customised screening and discussion room until Saturday. Amongst the film screened will be films from previous editions of FIFO, as well as the documentaries in competition from FIFO 2015. A lovely initiative appreciated by professionals.

This is a new feature for 12th FIFO. Open from 8am to 5pm everyday of the week, Doc Zone is an area devoted to professionals: producers, directors, broadcasters, distributors and journalists. The principal? To enable them to watch films from the FIFO collection on demand.  ‘It is great as we don’t always have the time to make it to the screenings,’ confides the producer Anouk Ride here from the Solomon Islands who, sitting on one of the four armchairs on the stand, is watching the Hawaiian documentary Kumu Hina on a television screen. ‘We are running about to get to meetings on time, so to be able to sit calmly to watch a documentary is a brilliant idea!’ she confesses, one of the most faithful professionals to the stand. She will be coming back later in the afternoon to watch another film. Since the start of the week, fifteen or so people have come for half-an-hour, one hour or even two for those who have more time, to watch documentaries. There is a great selection here. All the films screened were shown at previous FIFO festivals, those selected from 2008 until 2014, award-winning films from 2004 to 2007 and lastly, the films in competition from 2015 are available.


An oasis of calm to watch documentaries 


‘It is mainly distributors and producers who come here,’ confides the person volunteering on the stand. ‘It is not inordinately busy, but that is also a good thing as people are seeking exactly that, some peace and quiet.’ Located between the DGEN stand (Economy and Digital Directorate-General) and the Polynésie 1ère set, Doc Zone can be hard to find. ‘I had to ask where it was,’ confesses Caroline Perdrix, a journalist for La Dépêche, who has taken a week’s holiday to be able to fully benefit from FIFO. ‘It should be promoted more, it is too obscure and yet the initiative is excellent,’ confides the journalist who this year will present the meeting ‘Inside the Doc’ around the film Meri Markham. ‘I am here to see it as I didn’t have the time before. This stand is very practical as you are not restricted by specific screening times ,’confides Caroline, delighted to know that, thanks to this new area, she will have an opportunity to watch the films the screenings of which she missed. A great intiative to be repeated in future years.