GoPro Workshop: with you the director!

Atelier GoPro 3A miniature camera that leaves you hands-free, withstands all climates and all situations, with an incredible image quality and that is very easy to use. The success of the “GoPro shooting” workshop is understandable and growing each year.  Here, we learn to handle and fully optimise the cameras to produce small (or large!) films without a problem.

“With GoPro, we all become an in-house director if we want,” says from the start Fabrice Charleux, the GoPro shooting workshop facilitator. A workshop that has been a roaring success for three years, too successful even, as with over ten participants at each session, it is difficult to please everyone. “The exercise is tricky, as people have different levels. Some already use GoPro, others would like to have basic knowledge before launching themselves into it.” There is a studious atmosphere in the classroom. There is no time to lose, there are three and a half hours to cover the general aspects of video, shooting, the resolution, etc. and to give as many tips as possible to best use these different technical aspects and thus master the settings according to the context of the shooting. This will be a first for some, whilst others are trying their hand at editing techniques on the GoPro. “This editing part is very important to get a taste for using a GoPro. If you are not ready for the editing, then either you will not film or there will then be a ridiculous accumulation of videos on a hard disk,” emphasises Fabrice Charleux, determined to pass on tips to the participants.

On the participant side, use of the GoPro is very varied. One has for example already acquired a drone and is not afraid to incorporate image with his little technological plaything. Tamaeva uses his camera above all to film himself with his friends during their sporting and various other activities on walks, but also to edit little scenarios.  “I wanted to know more about the handling of the camera, that is why I enrolled in the workshop. My father is also participating in the session, we came together.” In addition to handling the camera, Tamaeva tried editing on GoPro studio. “I didn’t even know that it existed,” specifies the young man who already participated last year in a workshop focused on editing with iMovie software.