iPad Workshop: shooting and editing lesson with Jeff Benhamza

Atelier iPadLike every year, FIFO offers several workshops. Jeff Benhamza, the director of Bobby, the Revival of Polynesian Culture, also leads the shooting and editing workshop for iPads. Popular with the public.

‘We are going to spend three hours together, so I hope that you are ready!’ announces Jeff Benhamza from the start. There are ten or so people sitting well- behaved on their chairs, with pens in their hands, ready to make notes about the teacher’s advice. The latecomers arrive, somewhat out of breath. ‘I have been trying to find you in all the rooms,’ explains one of the festival attendees. ‘Good, everyone is here, are you comfortable? OK then, let’s go!’  The teacher, Jeff Benhamza, begins the lesson via a slideshow on the TV screen in the room. He explains what fixed and animated images are to his captive audience, and goes over the important points for making good footage. Very at ease with the exercise, Jeff confides. ‘I have to admit that cameramen almost never use the zoom. It’s up to you to move,’ whispers Jeff Benhamza, as if he were sharing a secret. His gestures make the group laugh.

An introductory workshop for some participants

‘So, one thing is certain: when you film, there is a large amount of information to take on board.’ The teacher explains over the course of several minutes. ‘OK, is anyone lost?’ ‘No!’ shout the studious pupils in unison. ‘OK, so listen carefully as  you are going to put it into practice,’ he announces. ‘Oh dear,’ frets a participant. And there is good reason as the moment has come: each has half-an-hour to produce a variety of shots and above all to try to tell a story in images. Armed with iPads, the participants walk around the FIFO village looking for their footage. ‘Excuse me but where is the video app on the iPad?’ asks an older lady obviously unfamiliar with this new technology. And she is not the only one! ‘This is the first time that I have touched an iPad, it’s a miracle!’ enthuses Matteo who is here fresh from Wallis and Futuna. The 38-year-old has come to FIFO for training and thus to share the skills acquired at the festival on his return to his country. ‘Audiovisual is not very developed at home therefore it is  important to participate in this type of event.’ For others like 24-year-old Vaiana, and 26-year- old Stéphanie, it is more straightforward. ‘It’s good fun,’ confides Vaiana enchanted by this workshp. ‘I like the artistic side to iPads, inspirations can be materialised through video,’ explains the young woman before being interrupted by her friend. ‘And also it’s great to have advice from a pro!’

A delighted public

‘Let’s go iPad fans, back to the lesson!’ yells an amused Jeff Benhamza trying to round up all the pupils to continue his lesson. But before pursuing and starting the editing stage, the teacher takes stock with the participants. ‘Did you have any problems?’ A loud and general ‘yes’ resonates in the room. The finalisation, the light settings, the handling…? There seem to have been many technical difficulties for participants, but that did not discourage them however.

Jeff Benhamza continues with the lesson. It is time for editing. The pupils lean over their iPads whilst attentively listening to their teacher. Meanwhile Jeff Benhamza discreetly films footage with his iPad. He prepares a little surprise for his pupils. ‘OK, so the lesson has finished!’ he declares.  ‘Already?’ responds a festival attendee who is obviously disappointed that the workshop has already ended. Before leaving his pupils, Jeff shows a video on the TV screen: a short film on the workshop. The pupils are delighted to see themselves on the screen. ‘Thankyou! Thankyou!’ the group shouts smiling, before leaving the room and attending to their business.