ITW of the winners

FIFO FamilyThis is the first time that the French director Jan Kounen has attended FIFO, as a spectator but also and above all, as chairman of the jury. At the end of the prize-giving evening we had a few questions for him.


What is your opinion about the films awarded at FIFO 2015?


I am very happy. Great films are sacrificed for others but the documentaries awarded this evening are really strong and human. Tender, the final winner, is a strong and universal film, it is very close to cinema. Black Women Panther is a pretty tough portrait and Horizons chimériques (Utopian Horizons) was a big surprise, it was very well filmed. Lastly, Kumu Hina that won the public prize, really moved Polynesians, it is very close to local life. It is never easy to decide between films, and certainly not with such a selection and such a programme.


How did you find the Festival?


I didn’t have the impression of being at a documentary festival, I was at the cinema! I really had some wonderful surprises. It is an amazing festival, it has to carry on. I will come back!




JEAN PHILIPPE JOAQUIM, director of Tattoo, the Culture of an Art, SCAN prize


We heard you explode with joy when the prize was announced, was it important to you?


Yes as it means local recognition. This prize makes us all the more proud as it is my first as well as the producer’s. In addition to the pleasure of seeing it through, it is just wonderful to know that your film is seen by so many people and that it is then recognised at a festival like FIFO. There has a real emotional bearing.


What will this prize bring you in the future?


It has ready made me very proud. I am honoured and proud to be amongst the winners, alongside extraordinary films like Kumu Hina, Black Panther Woman and Tender. I also hope that this recognition will enable us to exist and to be more visible in the audiovisual environment.



HINA, heroine of the film Kumu Hina, awarded twice by the 2nd jury prize and the public prize


You seemed very moved when the prizes were announced…


Yes… I am very honoured, I feel humble. I hope that our story will enable many people to take control of their lives like Marlène Cummins, the heroine of Black Panther Woman. I have not seen the film but I had the pleasure of meeting her. We are together, we are like sisters.


Was it important for you for your film to be awarded at FIFO and in Tahiti? 


Yes, very important. I came from Hawaii to the land of my ancestors, and in addition I have the pleasure of being awarded!



Marlène Cummins, heroine of the film Black Panther Woman, Special Jury prize


You will return to Australia with a special prize, how do you feel?


I am very happy. I’ve come a long way to discover a country where the culture is very strong and the natives are very present. I am not used to seeing indigenous people dominating somewhere!


How did your visit to French Polynesia go?


I absorbed the Polynesian spirit. There is a resemblance with my people. Here they do not differentiate between people, social classes. Everyone is the same, that is something new for me. I love the culture here like the dancing and tattooing, some of our customs and characteristics are similar. Like the Aborigines, the Polynesians have a harmonious and spiritual relationship with the land and animals.