WALLES KOTRA: ‘FIFO now enjoys widespread legitimacy’

Wallès Kotra président de l'AFIFOCo-creator of FIFO, Wallès Kotra takes a positive view on FIFO 2015, as well as future festivals. He emphasises the importance of the discussions between professionals and festival attendees, and is pleased to see a larger audience.


What do you think about the 2015 winners?


The choice is credible. The jury has awarded two different perspectives: the way of seeing death and of seeing the other. The subjects are not easy or mainstream, cinema addresses them and adapts them. This prize list and festival pertains to the spirit of the times in Oceania.


What are your conclusions about FIFO 2015?


I attentively participated in the symposium about digital. It was very interesting as islands like Tonga and Wallis and Futuna were in attendance for the first time. During this festival, there was a partnership agreement between Outremer 1ère and ABC. Actors in the digital landscape are in attendance, but strategic agreements are also being signed. These two channels are the biggest in the Oceanian public audiovisual landscape. It is very interesting as things are actually happening. Also, for the first time, professionals did not just talk about digital, but they have also tried to understand the digital revolution. It is fascinating to see how FIFO is adapting to these new slots and new faces. We must keep the FIFO spirit and highlight the formal, as well as informal side, like these exchanges between the professionals and festival attendees. The public is also very important at FIFO.



What can you tell me about the public at FIFO 2015 ?

It is increasingly diverse, today FIFO has a genuine widespread legitimacy. The festival fills the rooms, we have even been obliged to open others so that the public can see the films. FIFO is rooted in the Polynesian landscape. It is an large cultural gathering that is both useful and convivial. It is important to keep this spirit!


What do you think about Jan Kounen, the chairman of the jury this year?


Jan Kounen is very sensitive, he listens to his gut feeling. He has rapidly got to grips with the mana of the country and the region, he has understood what may have been said confusingly and the innuendos. Going forward, we will look for someone like him with a heart, a simple man who is close to the people.


Suliane Favennec