Tara, Queensland. Photographs from a week of anti Coal Seam Gas mining protests around Tara, Queensland in conjunction with the documentary film, "Frackman" being produced by Smith & Nasht. The documentary centres on anti CSG mining activist, Dayne "The Frackman" Pratzky, a local Tara resident. Photo: Andrew Quilty / Oculi for Smith & Nasht.

93 min – Australia – 2015

Version: English subtitled in French

Directed by: Richard Todd

Produced by: Freshwater Films/Smith&Nasht/Aquarius Productions/Yes 3 Companies-Frackman Films

‘Frackman’ tells the story of a militant Dayne Pratzky and his fight against international gas companies. Australia will soon become the world’s biggest exporter of liquefied natural gas. The state of Queensland, where Dayne lives, has over 30,000 drilling sites most of which carry out controversial hydraulic fracking. Land belonging to Dayne and his neighbours has become, in spite of them, massive industrial landscapes, where water pollution and environmental and sanitary problems are increasingly alarming. Dayne campaigns and becomes an activist known as the ‘Frackman.’