FIFO Video Game Challenge!

IMG_0504bisClearly it’s another world! In the FIFO village cyber space, the countdown starts as a team of ‘Padawans,’ student interns at Poly 3D, bustle creating a video game in three days. A sizeable challenge for these young people from generation Z!


Tefau’ura Haumani, the head of project and spokesman for the Poly 3D students, explains his training to me, his passion. Very quickly, he stops and understands that he’s lost me from the outset! 3D modelling, C++ programming, game engine, Level Design and the list goes on, are part of the jargon of video game aficionados.


Very calmly and smiling, Tefau’ura makes this universe accessible and interesting to the neophytes. This challenge to create a video game during FIFO enables the young ‘Padawans’ to work on a concrete request and to show their animation and programming skills.


A young external player launched his idea ‘Tiki, Pierre’s genie, travels from island to island and collects black pearls to avoid an eclipse that will bring eternal darkness.’ The challenge is on! Friends ‘padawans,’ you have three days to deliver the game on Friday 5th February 2016!


The ideas flow, brainstorming is taking place and each division of Studio Poly 3D is bustling around! The team comprises 13 students divided between the different areas: Infographics, sound engineering, Programming and Game Designer. The backgrounds, characters, enemies, different levels and responses need to be created and orchestrated for the game to work, a real challenge!


So be there on Friday 5th February from 9am to 12pm to try this new video game TOA’!