Micro on the Move


DSC_0085Christine: ‘Films that raise awareness’

Which films did you see today?

I saw two films Aux armes tahitiens and Le salaires des profondeurs. These two films have one point in common as neither character complains. For example in Le salaires des profondeurs, the divers put their lives in danger every day to be able to feed their families, likewise for the Polynesian soldiers who put their lives in the hands of France, far away from their families… and in these documentaries the characters don’t complain, they are bitter, but they do what seems right to them and I find that really incredible!

Do you have a preference between the two films?

Aux armes tahitiens. It’s a very humane film, I actually think that people should really reflect on this film and recognise what the Polynesian soldiers did for France… It’s really a very fine film!’

Are you a FIFO regular?

Yes, I have been coming for several years and the films that I see always pleasantly surprise me. These screenings raise awareness of the world around us.


Patrick: ‘Themes that inspire me’

You have just seen Prison songs, what are your impressions?

I think that it’s a very interesting film, as you see what happens in prisons in other countries, seeing that the majority of the prison population comprises natives, in this film it is 80% and I think that it’s no better here in Polynesia …

What is the next documentary that you are going to see?

I am going to see Vision in the dark, I read the synopsis and I think it’s a film that I’ll like. The story takes place in Hawaii, our neighbour. The film describes the struggle of a man committed to defending his people and his identity, a theme that inspires me.


Pascal: ‘Hip Hop-Eration is sensational!’

You’ve seen several films since the start of FIFO do you have a favourite?

I saw Hip Hop-Eration on Wednesday evening, and it’s by far my favourite. I thought it was sensational, very moving and I even shed a little tear. It’s well filmed with beautiful footage, the interviews are superb, it feels natural and above all the editing is extraordinary because what you expect happens very quickly it’s so well presented!

Is FIFO indispensable for you?

Yes, since retiring I haven’t missed a single moment, but then I worked in audiovisual so I’m passionate about documentaries and films in general.