Pupils at FIFO: an attentive audience!

DSC_0086Like every year, a whole day is devoted by FIFO to pupils from all over Tahiti to participate in this event. This is an opportunity for them to meet professionals, take part in workshops and maybe even discover a new passion or future career…

More than a thousand pupils from about fifteen different establishments attended on Monday, discovering a programme specially prepared for them by FIFO.

The films scheduled were about marine life and sportsmen, including historical and funny films that were above all filled with hope, notably for Eva, a pupil from Taravao secondary school, who admits to having shed a few tears while watching Une équipe de rêve, which retraces the path of the American Samoa team dreaming of winning a match. One of her friends adds that it was ‘moving to see how the team goes from nothing to success.’ The same was felt during the screening of the non-competition film Sport for change – Salomon Islands by Briar March. Torea, a pupil from the Saint Joseph de Pirae secondary school, shares with us his admiration for this man, who in spite of his disability pursues his passion for rugby and manages to share it with others.

Other backdrops and impressions immersed pupils in the heart of the Fakarava Lagoon whilst watching the documentary Mystère mérou directed by Gil Kebaili. The pupils describe the feature-length film with wonder, ‘these are impressive shots…’ confides one pupil, ‘I wouldn’t be able to stay underwater for as long… I would have been too scared!’ confesses another.

The film Hip Hop-eration provokes laughter. The pupils appreciate it, all in agreement that even beyond 80 years old it is still possible to be heroic and push your boundaries!

At the same time, near the Mato room, the scriptwriting workshop is taking place with Sydélia Guirao. Harry, a pupil in his final year of high school in literature at Papara secondary school, describes his first screenplay draft and the difficulties he encountered in completing this exercise. ‘Luckily there was a professional there to guide us and give us hints, as you need a lot of imagination…’ he says! To help them, Sydélia, screenwriter by trade, provided them with the different steps to follow to help construct a scenario.

Further on the iPad shooting and editing workshop was taking place led by Niko PK 16, a director and artistic director for several TV series, cartons and video clip projects. In groups of 4, the pupils had to create an action that they then filmed with a tablet, before editing it on specialised software. Christelle describes what she liked: ‘I loved filming and editing. It was great fun and we laughed a lot!’ The most difficult thing was sound editing that also had to be coordinated with the action.

Good humour was certainly played its role on this day devoted to pupils! Pupils left enriched, many of who were curious and attentive.