Encounters, creation, support… Make way for the 14th FIFO!

Let us begin. The 14th FIFO started this Tuesday February 7. The traditional opening ceremony took place at 8am on the paepae, with an impressive parade of personalities. News story.


It is the 14th edition of the FIFO, born of the friendship between two men. Today, the FIFO signifies knowledge.” Gerard Prufer, regional manager of Polynésie 1ère, opens the festival, once the FIFO anthem has been played in the Maison de la Culture’s gardens. Gathered beneath the big tent, the Minister of Culture, the Chairman of the Assembly, the representatives of the Country and of the State, the Chairman of France Televisions, and many other officials are attentive and happy to be here today. They are lucky, because the rain of the past few days has given way to good weather for this opening ceremony. A good omen…


“You are role models for us”


This is a heavy task for me,” declares Stephan Martin, Chairman of the jury. It is his turn to address the assembly. Passionate about culture, this is not his first FIFO. He has already participated in several editions, but this is the first time that he is Chairman of the jury. “It is an honor that fills me with joy and pride. But I know in advance that it will be difficult to choose among the films selected.” The Chairman of the Quai Branly looks back on the evolution and visibility of cinematography in the Pacific. “The subjects that are treated, such as climactic change, are the burning issues of our time. Sometimes, you may think that we have forgotten you, but we are listening! I would like to tell you that you are our role models. I am happy to participate in the promotion of this image.” Applause from the audience won over by his speech.


Creation of the Oceania Night


Gérard Prufer takes the floor to present a “great lady”, Mrs. Delphine Ernotte, Chairman of France Television. With humor, the regional manager jokes about the number 14. That of the 14th FIFO, but also of the past 14 months at the head of the audio-visual group. “This festival is the voice of Oceania.” It is the first time that this great lady of the audio-visual world takes part in the FIFO. “To be present here, is to bear the mark of France Televisions, to carry the voice of all the French everywhere they are.” The Chairman of the group, who will leave the fenua on Wednesday, points out that documentaries remain the backbone of the FIFO and France TV. “Through their “life stories” we are able to change the world,” Delphine Ernotte stresses as she points out the strong presence of Oceanic documentaries in their group. “This means 120 documentaries from the Overseas territories, that is to say 11.000 hours of broadcasting. Following the festival, we will create the Oceania Night, with 6 documentaries including 5 from the FIFO. Thanks to the FIFO, cultures and words are kept alive that we will be able to transmit to future generations.” 


“The FIFO is the voice of Oceania.”

It is now the turn of the Minister of Culture, representing the Country, to speak. “Welcome. ” Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu is known to all in the Polynesian cultural field, and especially at the FIFO. This man of great culture has been a part of the adventure from the beginning. 14 years of passion and sharing. “The FIFO reminds us that Oceania is not just a concept, a geographical surface or a place which does not exist. Today, the FIFO is the voice of Oceania, it addresses its problems, common history, a future we must build together. The FIFO has become the symbol of our identity. ” The time has come for not only congratulations, but also support.  Because it is important not only to show documentaries, but also to back productions. “70 million Fcfp will be allocated for the data bases. Following the request of professionals, we are also thinking of creating a special fund to support fiction, increasingly important to the festival .”


A great slogan…


A symbol, a platform for word, a footbridge between generations, a voyage among the islands… Politicians, men of culture, television personalities, all agree that this festival helps Oceanians retain their culture. “We are one people, ” Heremoana Maamaatuaiahutapu reminds us. “Since the first edition, the Polynesians are passionate about (re) discovering their culture. So, I wish you a very good FIFO with strong emotions and many surprises.” Before handing over the floor to the State, who will conclude this opening ceremony, the Minister of Culture cannot resist repeating the motto of Queen Pomare IV: “Integrity is guarantor of power.” Leaving the Festival participants to reflect upon these words…