WRITING MARATHON – “free me” from scenarios!

marathon écritureThe script-writing marathon, an all-day event, took place on Thursday, February 9. Nine people registered for the competition. At stake, the aspiring writer who wins the prize for best screenplay will win a plane ticket to an international destination.


As of 8am, the festival-goers are in the bath. Jacques Navarro, Pascale Berlin-Salmon and Sydelia Guirao coach the future writers. The participants discovered the marathon’s theme on their arrival. And it was significant: “Free me”.


To each his interpretation of freedom. Martine is not enthusiastic about the theme: “It’s hard for me who am a liberated woman!” Others, are passionate about this subject. Eva who is only 15 years old explains: “Basically I wanted to be an actress but I also love to write stories. This is the first time I am writing a screenplay. I attended the writing workshop and I really liked it, so I decided to go for it and do the marathon. The theme ‘Free me’ really inspired me. I wrote a scenario upon moral harassment. It is a theme dear to me. I’ve experienced it, so the theme inspired me. In a way, it is also to get a message across.”


Moral harassment, family history, transvestite… they all threw themselves into it. An exercise that is not easy for everyone. Mary jokes: “This is my first FIFO, because I have just arrived in the fenua. I discovered that there was a marathon and I went for it. For the theme “Free me”, I proposed an initial subject to my sponsor, Jacques Navarro, and he told me it was too much of a cliché”. She continues: “So, I went on to something completely different. A topic that relates directly to my family, the story of my great-grandmother who lost her husband when she was under 30 years old and she had four children. On his deathbed, he made her promise that she would never remarry. So when we talk about loss of freedom, this is an excellent example.”


At the end of the day, shortly before 6pm, all participants have handed in their copy to be carefully read by the jury.

It was a very productive and exciting day both for the festival-goers and the sponsors. “There are things that are exciting, surprising and sometimes very personal. One’s first scenario is often personal, one sticks to the character, one talks about oneself. It comes from the heart, the gut, it is quite strong,”explains one of the coaches.

As for the quality of the writing, the script-writers seem delighted by the work of the participants: “They have all written good scenarios. These are real scenarios with sequence numbers, proper indenting of texts and dialogues… It’s just extremely well written. To help them, they used a free program called CeltX. Now, we are waiting for the jury’s choice but the work is truly excellent. “I loved this marathon day,” concludes Pascale Berlin-Salmon.


The Best Scenario result will be announced this Friday, February 10, at the awards ceremony.



FIFO – Jenny Poehere Hunter