Lavinia Tagane: “We must increase awareness among young people”

Lavinia Tagane is a member of the jury for this 15th FIFO. A native of Wallis and Futuna, this 28-year-old young woman is a Representative of the Territorial Assembly and a member of the Committee on Culture. This is the first time that Lavinia Tagane, the youngest member of the jury, participates in the FIFO.


You are new to the FIFO and do not work in the audiovisual sector. What is your first impression of the Festival?


The first thing that strikes me is the political commitment and involvement that is evident in the FIFO’s organization, as exemplified by the presence of the Minister of Culture of French Polynesia at the press conference. A politician’s engagement in such an event is important to show the public that everyone is indeed involved. I am interested in observing how such an event is organized to see how, as elected representatives, we can help develop such projects. The FIFO is a magnificent window onto all the islands of the Pacific. It is an important festival because it enables the people of Oceania to meet and to share their cultures and customs. It is a convivial moment during which we agree on certain things and make discoveries. It is important to understand the differences.


While some of the jury members are metropolitans, others such as yourself are from Oceania. Will this bring a fresh point of view?


Above all, I am from the Pacific and this side will stand out more than the political aspect of my job. I will be able to explain certain things that other filmmakers or producers will have difficulty understanding. I am not in the audiovisual sector and I am younger. As a result, I hope to bring a note of freshness, a youthful and less technical point of view.


In recent years, the FIFO Beyond Borders takes place in Wallis and Futuna. Will your current participation in the festival help to perpetuate this link?


I regret not having been able to attend the last FIFO Beyond Borders in Wallis but my participation and experience, as a member of this year’s jury, will change my perception. For the time being, I observe and watch how it is organized. When I return, I will certainly become more involved in this event.

Will participating in the FIFO help you in the future to meet professionals and prepare exchanges with Wallis and Futuna?


Back home, the audiovisual field is still little known and developed. It would be great if a professional could come and teach the young people about this sector. It is a field they are interested in, they are extremely active on social networking sites, some of them taking on the roles of actors or directors. This branch must be developed but it necessitates communication and openness. Our challenge today is to focus on young people by increased educational actions in primary and secondary schools, so they will appropriate their country’s culture.

You are new to the FIFO but this is not your first visit to French Polynesia…


Around ten years ago, I came to French Polynesia on a regular basis for vacations. I find here what we have in Wallis and Futuna: the friendliness, hospitality and warm welcome… I feel at home. But whether we are in Wallis, in French Polynesia, in New Caledonia or in any of the other islands of the Pacific, we understand each other and know how to do so. This is part of the charm of these destinations.


FIFO / Suliane Favennec