Malinda Wink: ‘I’m looking for moving stories that teach me something’

Malinda Wink is a member of the jury at FIFO 2019. Director of Good Pitch Australia, this is her first visit to French Polynesia. As an audiovisual professional she is eager to watch the selected films. Let’s get to know her a little.

This is your first trip to Polynesia. What are your first impressions?

My first impression is excellent: the people are lovely and welcoming. Above all I’m impatient for the festival to begin as I’ve seen the selection and there are so many interesting films. I also can’t wait to discuss them with the jury. I’ve spoken with some of them but more about personal aspects and our first impressions, less about the way in which we’ll tackle the films. 

You are behind Good Pitch Australia. Can you explain what it is?

Good Pitch is a platform for films to come to fruition. Good Pitch Australia helped 19 films over the course of 5 years. They include films that have been screened at FIFO such as Blue and The Opposition. The latter moreover won the Main Prize in 2017. This year, there is the film Dying to Live, a Good Pitch project. Good Pitch is not there solely for films to find funding but also to find a voice among different stakeholders whether decision-makers at a legal level, NGOs, experts, foundations, the media, people who are responsible for laws or education, etc. This very diverse network will help films come to life. The aim is to use films to help change behaviours and to foster reflection.

This year FIFO is presenting Good Pitch Pasifika. Is it important for you to be here on this occasion?

Good Pitch is different depending on where it is taking place in the world. Good Pitch Pasifika is unique according to local conditions, politics and legislation. We can share and benefit from experiencing different Good Pitches around the world. We belong to a global network of directors who use this platform to promote change. The strength of this alliance is that the connections exist, therefore Good Pitch Pasifika will be connected to other Good Pitches: Australia, Europe, USA, etc.

Will Good Pitch Pasifika enable ‘small’ countries or remote islands to join this network and find greater resonance?

Yes, of course. The global network provides mutual help so we’ll all benefit from interconnections. It’s particularly important at the moment as we need to broadcast stories from the Pacific to global audiences. They must be seen and heard not only here but also in the rest of the world. For example the film Blue was at FIFO in 2018. International organisations for the protection of the environment or communities that try to get rid of plastic have used film to their own ends, not only in Australia but worldwide.

As a member of the jury, what do you expect from a documentary?

I’m looking for moving stories that teach me something new about the world. I also look at the style and the narrative arc. Since it is a visual form, what interests me is seeing how directors have used that on a visual level to introduce us to a new world, to pique our curiosity, make us think and reveal something amazing. On a personal level, I like all forms of documentaries but all the same I have a preference for social justice and environmental themes.

Suliane Favennec