Author: Marie Sillinger

FIFO has come to an end. The prize-giving evening for this 16th festival took place on Friday 8th February. The documentary Anote’s Arck was awarded the FIFO France Télévisions Main Prize. Patutiki, l’art du tatouage des îles Marquises won the public prize; three special jury prizes were presented. Let’s take a look at the winners of this special edition.

There is only one meeting like this in the region: the Oceanic Television Conference gathers the media from the Pacific during FIFO each year to learn and to get to know each other, as well as to share difficulties and innovative ideas. This 13th conference is optimistic – digital facilitates content sharing and relationships between different partners.

We have the opportunity to understand a man’s path in the film Au nom du père, du fils et des esprits in the official competition at FIFO. Following his son, Emmanuel Tjibaou, we discover the different dimensions of this politician who marked the history of New Caledonia, but whose journey remains obscure. The film is also very topical raising fundamental questions at a time when Caledonians are on the brink of determining their future.

The 16th International Documentary Film Festival of Oceania kicked off on Tuesday morning on the paepae a Hiro (bench) at the Maison de la culture. FIFO is the second largest cultural event of the year in French Polynesia, as vice-chairman Teva Rohfritsch pointed out, and its influence extends far beyond the limits of the fenua (island) enabling, in the words of Wallès Kotra, cofounder of the event, ‘this invisible continent to become visible’.