Cyril, ma part Kanak (2018)


Movie Details

Director : Virginie Saclier
Producer : Archipel Production Nouvelle-Calédonie – Aximee Productions, France Télévisions
Category : 
Origin : France,New Caledonia
Language :  French
Subtitle :  English
Length : 52 min
Synopsis : Cyril, 17, half-Kanak, half-French was born in New Caledonia where he lived until he was 4 years old. However he doesn't remember his childhood in his mother’s tribe in Ouvea and today his parents, now separated, both live in France. Caught between two cultures, Cyril is questing. His father takes him to New Caledonia discover his Kanak soul. Awaiting him there, is his clan and the discovery of his place within their traditions.