Eating Up Easter – Haka Puai Te Kainga (2018)

Movie Details

Director : Sergio M. Rapu
Producer : Mara Films LLC, Kartemquim Films, Pacific Islanders in Commnication
Category : 
Origin : Easter Island,Hawaii
Language :  English
Subtitle :  French
Length : 77 min
Synopsis : A native of Easter Island, the film’s Director, Sergio Mata'u Rapu recounts the state of affairs there to his son who represents the future... Rapa Nui risks the loss of its culture and itself to globalization and tourism. Sergio paints 4 portraits: Mama Piru and her fight against the invasion of trash, Mahani and Piru who use music and education to unite the population and Sergio’s father, who is a businessman, trying for controllable development. Tough challenges...