Island of the Hungry Ghosts (2017)

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Détails du film

Réalisateur : Gabrielle BRADY
Producteur : Chromosom Film, Third Films, Various Films, Echotango
Catégorie : 
Origine : Austria
Langue :  Cantonese,English,Farsi,French,Hokkien,Mandarin
Sous-titre :  English,French
Durée : 94 min
Résumé : Christmas Island (Kiribati), is the largest atoll in the world and one of the most isolated. Humans have only lived on this island for a few hundred years, before that there were only the crabs. The crabs are still there and their migrations are now protected. Poh Lin, a psychologist, lives on the island with her family and works with migrants requesting asylum and detained in a high-security camp by the Australian Government. The island is a theatre of shadows...