Patutiki, l’art du tatouage des îles Marquises (2018)

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Director : Heretu TETAHIOTUPA et Christophe CORDIER
Producer : Les Studio Hashtag, Eka Eka Productions, Association Patutiki, Sydélia GUIRAO
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Origin : French Polynesia
Language :  French,Marquisian
Subtitle :  English
Length : 55 min
Synopsis : This documentary takes us to the heart of the Pacific, to the Marquesas archipelago: Henua Enana "The land of Men" where the practice of tattooing developed over the centuries. A unique art by its graphic richness, the density of the patterns upon the body, their meaning and symbolic significance. The roots of this art delve into Marquesan culture and legends, into the elders’ tales, summarizing the memory and the history of these islands.