FIFO 2024

Professional program

Each year, FIFO offers a program for local audiovisual professionals, festival-goers and guests. Moments of meeting with the public to discuss the fascinating world of audiovisual, that of a FIFO film or the technical and artistic aspects of making a film, these meetings enable the public and professionals of the profession to mutually enrich each other.

In addition to these meetings with the public, directors, producers, authors, broadcasters, distributors or journalists also have the opportunity to meet. They have a unique opportunity to share their difficulties, to imagine ways to overcome them and above all to build together the Pacific audiovisual of tomorrow.

This particular year, the digital shift taken by FIFO has not erased the professionals, their desires and their concerns. The festival team has thus set up an original program open free of charge to all audiovisual professionals, in Oceania.

To access it, go to the professional space to create your account and request your accreditation.