FIFO 2024


Since its inception in 2004, the International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival (FIFO) has been committed to showcasing the cultural richness of Oceania through documentary films. Confronted with increasing globalization, FIFO aims to amplify the voices of Oceanian peoples far beyond its shores, thereby promoting cinema and professionals from the region on the global stage.


True to its mission, FIFO shares the treasures of Oceanian documentaries with a wider audience. This initiative goes beyond the physical borders of the Maison de la culture and explores remote islands as well as other regions of the world to build cultural bridges and share the stories of the men and women of Oceania.


Beyond the walls… the islands

For two decades, the FIFO canoe has sailed through the five archipelagos of Polynesia, bridging distances that might have left some islands feeling forgotten. With over 400 screenings and 25,000 attendees in 2019, FIFO’s island tour forged deep connections with local communities. Though the pandemic temporarily interrupted these journeys, FIFO’s managed to adapted by offering both online and in-person screenings, thus continuing to reach the islands and create unique cinematic experiences.


Beyond the islands … the world

The FIFO does not limit itself to Oceanian borders. It works to bring together peoples who share a common history by including some films or events programmed during partner festivals in the Pacific. Moreover, the FIFO ventures beyond the Pacific by participating in events in France, such as the Rochefort Pacific Cinema & Literature Festival. In doing so, it contributes to raising awareness among new audiences about cultural diversity and Oceanian issues.

The FIFO extends its influence internationally by organizing professional trips to countries in the Pacific region and in France. Its aim is to showcase FIFO beyond Polynesia, support the audiovisual industry in the Pacific, and foster exchanges among professionals in the industry, thus confirming Tahiti and FIFO’s position as an essential professional platform in the audiovisual world.



Our partners :

FIFO collaborates with partners such as CEMEA, the association of publishers of Tahiti and the islands, educational institutions, cultural associations, municipalities, and other stakeholders, thereby strengthening its impact and key role in the cultural and audiovisual development of Oceania.

Whether beyond the walls of the capital, amidst remote islands, or at international events, we continue to forge cultural connections and share the authentic stories of Oceania with the world.


You would like to organize outside-the-walls screenings of the films, write to us!