FIFO 2023

FIFO in the islands

2020 : a dark year for FIFO in the islands

Due to the exceptional health situation we are going through and the confinement measures imposed in French Polynesia, the FIFO Association regrets to have to suspend the FIFO tour in the islands until further notice. When things resume their normal course, trips to the islands will be re-examined with the hope but without the certainty of being able to carry them out in the time allocated.

2021: chiaroscuro on the horizon

Despite all the goodwill of the FIFO teams, at present we still don’t know if we will be able to carry out a FIFO tour of the islands in 2021. We very much hope so!

Nevertheless, this 18th 100% digital FIFO will allow the inhabitants of the islands of all French Polynesia to see the films of the festival from February 06 to 14, 2021. A FIFO in the islands of a new kind, too.

If you live in the islands of French Polynesia, go to the website to create your FIFO space and enjoy the OFF films from February 06 to 08, the selection films from February 09 to 14 and the whole program of the festival.

Thank you to the referents, schools and municipalities in the islands who were preparing to welcome us at the end of the month, for their understanding.
Thank you to the FIFO partners in the islands for also supporting us in this difficult period for all: the Socredo bank, EDT-ENGIE, Air Tahiti and Vini.

Māuruuru to all for your understanding and see you soon.
Take great care of yourself and yours.
See you very soon and in great shape.

‘A FIFO ana’e tātou !