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The FIFO’s canoe has been sailing for 16 years now…

It was in 2004 that the FIFO began its Oceanian odyssey, marking its journey with prodigious audio-visual encounters. It all started with the desire that Oceania take its rightful place in a world shaped by images, encounters and dialogues. Over the last 16 years, the FIFO’s canoe has made regular calls in her voyage across diverse waters to reveal the richness of the 7 th art that she carries aboard, but she has never stopped.

Each year, the FIFO transports its visitors across the great Moana Nui a Hiva. Together with emotions, discoveries and sharing, this journey is also marked by agitation, exchanges and creation. Herald of an increasingly assertive and benevolent Oceania, the FIFO has become the vehicle for an exceptional millennial heritage and a multitude of Oceanian images are reflected in its varied flamboyant messages from bloody blows to FIFO favourites. Finally, Oceania like a tapestry woven from diversity, sincerity and authenticity is revealed in the image of the people and cultures that compose it.

The curtains rise once more like the sails of a va’a tau’ati carrying our audiences across the cultural immensity that is Oceania. Thanks to these Oceanian documentaries, we navigate between the constellations of Pacific Island nations, in the midst of peoples whose identities are interlaced with a thousand particularities, for a still brighter future. Most of all, the FIFO provides a stage, a screen, a pulpit for Oceanian voices and the means to hear their stories of yesteryear, concerns for today’s world and their hopes for tomorrow.

More than just a cultural event, the FIFO is a pillar in the development of the Oceanian audio-visual industry. It is an indispensable professional meeting point in the South Pacific. The Festival permits the creation of dialogue between filmmakers and producers, technicians and TV channels, representatives of foreign festivals and distributors, around a common cause: Oceanian films. In addition, the FIFO multiplies potential opportunities via audio-visual encounters which allow creativity to germinate and projects to materialize.

A Festival with a thousand faces, the FIFO once more offers a remarkable program: 14 films in competition, 26 non competing films, projections, meetings, workshops and other surprises await you in the FIFO village. With its debut in 2018, this year the Fenêtre-sur-courts films selection proposes 11 short documentaries that offer an alternative view of Oceanian lives..

The 2019 FIFO continues to promise great things, once again we invite you to take your place aboard the canoe for a trip into the heart of Oceania. Come, sit, there’s no need for a lifejacket, everything is ready for you to enjoy this as astounding and exhilarating expedition.

‘A haere mai ‘e ‘a FIFO ana’e tātou !


From the beginning, the festival has been honored to host prestigious people as jury members such as  Hervé Bourges, Laure Adler, Pierre-Henri Deleau, Florence Aubenas, Stéphane Martin, Véronique Cayla, Luc Jacquet, Elie Chouraqui, Greg Germain, Jan Kounen and Abderrahmane Sissako. Their hospitality and friendship have helped developing the event and getting it well known in the region and other part of the world.

This year, FIFO is pleased to welcome Mr Carl Aderhold, historian, novellist, scriptwriter as President of its jury.

Carl Aderhold

Historian, writer, film writer - France

A word from the President of the jury

As a countryman, from a valley in Aveyron, a land of mines and spoil heaps, Oceania is an enigmatic place to me. A continent of islands far from my causses and mountains. A horizon without limits that exceeds by far my imagination.

As a historian and novelist, Oceania is a mystery to me. Where North America represented dreams of gold and fortunes and materialistic nightmares; the Pacific Islands epitomized a lost paradise. The Europeans were looking for a safe haven, one spared from their own civilization’s misdemeanors. A land elevated to the level of utopia.
As a fan of the game of rugby, one who has learnt the name of several pacific islands thanks to this sport, Oceania is also the center of the world. A detail? Not so sure if we consider that each team is the messenger of its culture, of its vision of the world. To watch one of these matches is to be displaced to another realm. One with personages larger than life, with trajectories that fracture certainties.

To fully understand this displacement, this questioning, there is nothing better than a documentary. A documentarian is a researcher, in order to portray a certain reality, it is necessary to open up and put aside one’s preconceptions. Allow oneself be transported by those one meets, leave one’s path and adopt theirs. One must listen and listen again, before one can hope to connect the threads, thereby immersing the viewer in an almost initiatory journey.
I am delighted, touched and honored to have been chosen as President for the 16 e  edition of the FIFO.
When, on his return to Rome after a long journey, a man complained of boredom, the philosopher Seneca said of him: "it's normal, you traveled with yourself." The FIFO and the encounters made there are the most beautiful promises. Promises of revelation and travelling without a shadow

A promise of more

Leanne Ferrer

Executive director of Pacific Islanders in Communication - Hawaii

Jacques-Olivier Trompas

Filmmaker - New Caledonia

Hervé Boitelle

Producer, director of Bleu Lagon Productions - French Polynesia

Malinda Wink

Executive director of Good Pitch Australia - Australia

Manukaroa Anderson

Co-director of Making Good Men (Winner of the Grand Prix FIFO-France Télévisions 2018) - New Zealand

Tiare Trompette

Educational advisor, choreographer and director of the Tahitian dance group Hei Tahiti - French Polynesia

Documentary pre selection

170 documentaries were submitted to the FIFO 2019, representing at least 170 viewing hours, you can double that for reflection and discussion time and probably triple it for time spent in regrets and a thousand times more in shared emotions. It’s a titanic but essential task undertaken by members of the selection committee. They watch and evaluate each of the films with a critical eye, an open mind and a sensitivity specific to each one of them. All have worked hard and acknowledge the value of the work and creation of Oceanian audio-visual.

9 people agreed to participate in the pre-screening selection committee for documentaries in order to offer the FIFO 2019 a sincere, authentic, diverse and high quality selection of films. 49 documentary films will be screened during the festival. This year again, the festival’s program is further enriched by a selection of short documentaries to be shown in the “OFF” of the festival.

Sophie BLANC
Film editor and member of the ATPA

Sound engineer and filmmaker

Philately advisor and member of the AFIFO

Michèle de CHAZEAUX
Producer and radio host, member of the AFIFO

Marie-Noelle FRÉMY
Historian and member of the AFIFO

Linguist and anthropologist, professor at the University of French Polynesia

Member of the AFIFO

Moana’ura TEHEI’URA
English teacher, choreographer and director

Director, publisher and member of the AFIFO

Short fiction films pre selection

50 short fiction films were sent to the festival organization for the FIFO 2019. 50 original films, true banner of the audio-visual creativity in Oceania. From all over the South Pacific, these films also show Oceanian peoples concerns with humour and solemnity. All 50 films were carefully reviewed by a pre-selection committee whose members have kept the best of it in a selection of 11 short films screened during the 10th Night of Fiction, opening the FIFO.
7 people have agreed to participate to the selection committee of fiction short films for the FIFO 2019.

Marie-Noelle FRÉMY

Historian and member of the AFIFO


Member of the AFIFO


Vice-president of the AFIFO, former FIFO festival director

Marie-Christine LUBRANO

Legal Officer

Jean-Christophe SHIGETOMI

Deputy director of Maison de la Culture


Producer and director




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