FIFO 2023

Rencontre avec Larissa BEHRENDT, réalisatrice du documentaire MARALINGA TJARUTJA, film en compétition cette année au Festival International du Film documentaire Océanien.

Une interview menée par Are RAIMBAULT.

2020 – Australie, 53 min
Version anglaise sous-titrée en français

RÉALISATION – Larissa Behrendt
PRODUCTION – Blackfella Films

Australia. The Maralinga people had lived on their land for dozens of thousands of years. The close relationship of the Aborigines with their country was challenged by colonisation attempting to group them in a Mission (1920), by the construction of the railway, and selecting this land for British nuclear testing (1953-63). The people never agreed to give up their land and fought to return to it, to have it decontaminated and to rebuild communities.

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