52 min – France – 1998

Version : French version

Director Gilles Dagneau & Wallès Kotra

Producer AAA Production RFO

A year after the signing of the Matignon accords in June 1988, the assassination of Jean-Marie Tjibaou by Djubelly Wéa, an activist from Ouvéa, was a real thunderbolt in the fragile peace found in New Caledonia. The mobilization of all the political forces, in Paris and Nouméa, had made it possible to save and consolidate the process of the agreements. But Djubelly Wéa’s gesture precipitated into mourning and pain two wives and two families: the Tjibaou and the Wéa. Misunderstanding quickly turned into rejection and then hatred. Over time, a veritable wall has been erected between Ouvéa and Hienghène. Between the Tjibaou and the Wéa. Fifteen years later, Marie-Claude Tjibaou and Manaky Wéa meet and kiss. The scene takes place in Hienghène and more precisely in Tiendanite, in the small village of Jean-Marie Tjibaou. This July 17, 2004, the Tjibaou family agrees to submit to the custom of forgiveness towards the Wéa family.