FIFO 2024


From February 2 to 11, 2024 in Tahiti

Oceania Impact Pitch

A unique opportunity for committed documentary filmmakers to present their pitches to a panel of professionals and decision makers from Oceania and Europe (festivals, producers, funders, broadcasters).

‘Ia ora na e Maeva

Welcome to the official website of the International Oceanian Documentary Film Festival (FIFO) !

The 21th edition of FIFO will take place from February 2 to 11, 2024.

The physical version will be held as every year at the Maison de la Culture de Tahiti – Te Fare Tauhiti Nui. The digital FIFO will be accessible from French Polynesia, mainland France, the countries of Oceania and overseas territories, by going to the ‘Online‘ tab.

FIFO is the unmissable meeting place for documentary film enthusiasts. Every year, it brings to mind the voices, cultures and issues of the Pacific beyond the borders of our great ocean. It is also a unique professional opportunity for the media and the audiovisual sector in the Pacific: the possibility of meeting the directors and producers of the films selected and attending conferences, workshops and other events that immerse you in the audiovisual universe of the Pacific.

Ready to board our canoe (vā’a) of the 8th art?
Haere Mai! Let’s explore Oceania on a journey of emotions, discoveries and sharing, carried by the audiovisual talents of the Pacific.

Infos pratiques

Te Fare Tauhiti Nui – Maison de la Culture

946 boulevard Pomare IV, Front de mer, Papeete

Le FIFO aura lieu du 02 au 11 Février 2024

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(Prochainement disponible)

FIFO 2024 International Jury

Since its inception, the festival had the chance to welcome some prestigious head of the jury such as Hervé Bourges, Laure Adler, Pierre-Henri Deleau, Florence Aubenas, Luc Jacquet, Véronique Cayla, Jan Kounen, Abderrahmane Sissako, Emmanuel Kasarhérou, Stéphane Martin or Marie-Hélène Villierme. Thanks to their friendship and their reputation, the FIFO managed to shine and gain a legitimate place in the world of films festivals.
For this 21st edition, FIFO has gathered an exceptional jury of audiovisual professionals and Oceanian culture experts.



President of jury
Māori director, producer and writer. She wrote, co-directed and starred in the film COUSINS, adapted from the novel written by Patricia Grace and broadcast at FIFO 2022. Briar is also one of the co-directors of the feature film WARU.

Allan Clarke


Director and producer. Allan is the director of the film THE BOWRAVILLE MURDERS, special jury prize at FIFO 2022

Corinna Hunziker

New Zealand

Director and producer. Corinna is the director of NO MĀORI ALLOWED, Grand Jury Prize at FIFO 2023.

Patrick Durand-Gaillard

New Caledonia

Journalist and documentarian, editor-in-chief of the television news at France Télévisions and the New Caledonian magazines La 1ère until 2022 and co-founder of the documentary meeting ITINERARIES

Hetereki Huke


Hetereki Huke Ainsa architect and territorial planner from Rapa Nui, now based in Hawai’i he is also acting director of the Tepuku research center in Rapa Nui.

Carmen Doom

French Polynesia

A former bilingual journalist and presenter of the Polynésie la 1ère news, Carmen is now responsible for editing the channel's news.

Heretu Tetahiotupa

French Polynesia

Tattoo artist, president of the MATA VA’A organizing committee, director and producer. Heretu is the co-director of PATUTIKI, Audience Award at FIFO 2019.

Palmarès du 20ème FIFO

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Summary : In Tasmania, Australia lies a valley and the wild and magnificent Franklin river. Oliver Cassidy takes a solo rafting trip down the river, paying homage to his father and to this majestic river that has remained free, despite plans in the 1980s to build a hydroelectric dam. It was saved then, along with […]

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Summary : For more than 40 years, in the Marquesas Islands, the members of the Motu Haka Association have united to gather, safeguard and enhance what remains of their culture. Thanks to the battles they have fought, the Marquesan people can honour their origins and display them with fervour during their traditional arts festival. It […]

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Summary : When painful memories have been hidden and are linked to segregation, racist acts, with acts of violence, should they be kept silent? “No”, says a teacher in this New Zealand film. A town is confronted with a past that is difficult to accept, to unveil. But “history belongs to no one”… Film details […]

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Summary : This film retraces one of the bloody episodes of the “Events” in New Caledonia. On December 5th 1984, in Waan Yaat, in the Hienghene valley, a trap was set by settlers terrified by the risk of being chased off “their” land, some independentists are victims of an ambush resulting in 10 dead, 5 […]

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Summary : This film tells the extraordinary story of a young transgender woman in Australia. As a young woman she helped change the law. Later she was able to assert herself and become the adult she wanted to be. Film details : 2021 – AUSTRALIA – 28 minEnglish version subtitled in FrenchDirector : Maya NewellProducer : Georgie […]

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Summary : Life on the streets of New Zealand for two homeless men: John, the older man, seems to like this life and to be at home here. Elvis, the Marquesan, dreams of returning to his island. Good relations and understanding v. confrontation, separation and mutual aid… Film details : 2022 – FRENCH POLYNESIA – […]

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Patutiki, l’art du tatouage des îles Marquises

55 min – French Polynesia – 2019 Version : French and Marquesan subtitled in English Director : Heretu Tetahiotupa and Christophe Cordier Production : Les Studio …

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Summary : Portrait of A woman: Valerie Adams, 4-time Olympic shot put champion. This Tongan-born sportswoman with her exceptional physique and stamina has become an icon for New Zealand. Before the games she said “Why am I going? Because I can.” An incredible multitasker: mother, wife, sister, and in the face of illness… a fighter […]

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Latest News

Kathryn Graham is head of the Māori development department at the New Zealand Film Commission, which is funded by the government. Her role is multi-faceted, but part of her duties involves creating opportunities for Maori. A brief overview of the…

What is the place of women in documentary creation today? What perspective does a woman bring when she directs? This was the subject of the round table organized on Thursday, February 9th under the pae pae a Hiro. Nina Nawalowalo,…

This question has been asked at every edition of the FIFO over the past twenty years.  Telling the others story and telling one’s own story: what is the place of indigenous storytelling in documentary creation? To discuss this question, the…

This is the kind of film that takes you by storm. It exposes without compromise the implacable intervention methods of the Australian State towards the Aboriginal people. Aborigines represent 3% of the population in Australia, but are 23% of the…

An official selection of this 20th  FIFO, Ablaze is the intimate portrait of an Aboriginal man. Bill Onus was a cultural leader but also an actor and an activist. With this film, the director Alec Morgan tells the story of…

Motu Haka is a documentary about the struggle to defend the Marquesan’s cultural heritage. In this film, selected for the 20th edition of the FIFO, the elder’s words resonate alongside those of the young. Their message is a strong and…

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